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Quaqut is a simple program that queries Unreal Tournament 2004 (™) game servers and retrieves information like those available while browsing servers in the game.
That means information like server name, game type and current map, names and scores of players, and much more.
The program has been written in quite scalable fashion, so it could be extended to support other games someday.

Quaqut is written in C, it compiles and runs on most POSIX systems (Linux, *BSD, Solaris, etc.), on MacOS X systems and on Windows systems too.

I wrote this program so I could check what is being played and who's playing on servers without launching the game each time (expecially useful when I have many other programs running and don't want to quit them).
It can be also really useful in generating some live stats, by monitoring a server at regular intervals and displaying output elsewhere (for example on a PHP page).

This software is released under GNU GPL (version 2 or upper).

Written by Giacomo Lozito aka city_hunter
<city_hunter at users dot sourceforge dot net>

Special thanks go to M.Hendriks for writing this nice page about unrealengine2 server query protocol.
That page and the wonderful software called Ethereal really helped me a lot.

29/9/2004 -  The second version of quaqut, 0.2.0, is available in files section. This version introduces the daemon mode, which allows quaqut to keep querying a server at user-definable intervals, and file logging, which allows quaqut to write information in a file instead of printing them to standard output. There are some changes in command-line syntax too, have a look at the changelog and documentation for more information.
20/7/2004 -  I'm happy to announce that the first version of quaqut, 0.1.0, is available in files section. Documentation is available in docs section; quaqut is really simple to use, but it already offers many options. As always, many thanks go to Sourceforge.net for hosting this project.